Flake Tools mission

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As you can see, this page start to look better and better everyday. Maybe it's not the nicest one but we are constantly working on improving our existing tools and adding new ones. But there are a ton of more which can be done to help people with their daily computer struggles. We have very long TODO list of things which we want to publish here. But let's talk about our mission for second.

Flake tools


There are ton of problems which you can run into while doing stuff on computer. Some are simple and can be solved without any struggle but many of them need some specific knowledge or some app that can quickly solve your problem. Let's say that you need to blur specific part of image before posting it on social media. You don't want to learn how to do it in some bad looking program which is for free but super compilacted and you don't want to buy photoshop for that either. You can find some apps for your mobile phone or desktop which are capable or doing this simple task, but first you have to install them, then you open them and then you find that they require credit card informations before trying, so you delete it and you go on and on till you find this site ... our site

The idea

Idea is very simple, this site is here for you, and you can find solutions to your problems here. I mean we can't fix your life, but at least we can help you with your computer problems little bit. We are building collection of free online tools which can help you without needing to install something or even worse pay for something. So, as said before, we have a very long TODO list of mini apps which we want to provide to the world for free, here on this site. We want to provide best user experience possible.

The very first flake tools

Everybody need to start somewhere, the very first people start to creating tools in caves with a piece of wood and some stone flakes from which they created some axes or spears. And we are now here in digital age with computers and payed apps which require you to subscribe before even trying it.

So we start with the flake tools, not the actual ones in caves but with this name as a domain for hosting the flake tools of digital era.

And in a while we have some tools. The very first flake tools published here was our word counter. The word counter can help you with your word & letter density and can count lines, words and characters. Of course word can do it too, but can it be done there for free?

The second app crafted in our caves was lorem ipsum generator. This one is useful if you need to create some dummy placeholder text for layouts.

The third was our password generator, this one can help you with generating strong secure password. We even make it work without touching our servers. so your password is actually generating in your browser, not in our servers which si pretty cool.

Next steps

We just started, so the list of our tools is not that big yet, but we will continue to add more and more. So give us a chance :)