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Flaketools is collection of free online tools which can help you with your tasks. Here are list of most our most popular tools:

Lorem ipsum generator

Generates lorem ipsum sample text for print and design.


Password generator

Simple password generator for generating strong and easy to remember passwords.


Reading time calculator

Estimate reading time for specific text. Simply paste your text and see results.


Spaces remover

Remove spaces from input text by pasting your text to textarea.


Add line numbers to text

Add line number to each row of text. Prefix/Suffix option as well as custom formatting


Diacritic remover

Clean your text from diacritic and accent to standard latin 26 letters alphabet.

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Line numbers tool

Add line numbers to text seamlessly

Our line numbers generator can help you with adding line numbers to your text. If you have for example list of winners and you need to add positions for everybody you don't need to do it manually.

Just copy-paste your list of winners to our tool and it will do the rest. You are also free to customize where and how numbers should be added. You can also skip empty spaces or start with another number than one.

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