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How to Use the Bullet Points Remover?

The Bullet Points Remover can help you easily remove bullet points from any pasted text. Simply copy your text into the first textarea, and the results will appear in the second textarea.

By default, the Bullet Points Remover will remove only the '•' symbol. If your text contains different bullet points, you are free to choose from the select box above the textareas.

If your text contains various versions of bullets, you can select 'All' from the first textarea to remove all bullet points.

If your text contains custom bullet points, you can select your own option from the first select box, and another one will appear. There, you can add your special symbol, which will be removed.

Our tool also provides some formatting. Often, there is a space after bullet points. This space will be removed automatically by default. If you want different behavior, you can uncheck the 'Remove White Space After Bullet' checkbox.

If your text contains a numbered list (1., 2., 3., and so on), you can also remove it by clicking the 'Remove List Numbers Also (1., 2., 3.)' checkbox.

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We did this tool available to anyone for free. If we helped you don't forget to spread it to the world.

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More about removing bullet points

This tool was created for free. We tried to achieve the best possible result. If this tool helps you, don't forget to share and spread it to the world.

How does this tool work behind the scenes?

Every time you insert a bullet point list into the first textarea, we will check if it contains any bullet points (from your specific selection). We then apply regex formatting to this text and show you the results in the second textarea.

Where can I find bullet points to copy?

Here are some bullet points which you can copy if you need to use them:

Bullet •
Triangular Bullet ‣
Hyphen Bullet ⁃
White Bullet ◦
Circled White Bullet ⦾
Circled Bullet ⦿
Inverse Bullet ◘

What is the most commonly used bullet point?

For non-ordered lists, almost everybody uses the standard • bullet unicode symbol. It can be found at U+2022 position. The name of this symbol is obviously a bullet and it was added to Unicode version 1.1 (June 1993). If you are interested, you can learn more about that symbol here.

How can I remove bullet points in JavaScript?

You can easily remove bullet points in JavaScript by using a regex function.

let pattern = new RegExp('•', 'g'); yourText.replace(pattern, '');

Is this tool safe to use?

Yes, we don't collect or store any of the information pasted into the textareas. All processing is done inside your browser, therefore it never touches our servers.