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How to use read time calculator?

Read time calculator is a tool for helping with the calculation of how long it reader takes to finish your blog or article.

Start by copy-pasting your text inside textarea located in the left-top corner of the app above. Once you insert your text, average values will be on the right side of the app.

You are free to customize these values by dragging the range picker to the left or right or by clicking on pre-defined buttons.

Are default values correct?

We took the time and did some research for you. Default values are based on the average numbers from studies. These values are 238 words per minute reading silently and 183 words per minute reading out loud. If you want to find out more read the article below.

Did this tool help you?

We did this tool available to anyone for free. If we helped you don't forget to spread it to the world.

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More about reading time

What is the average time for reading silently?

According to this research, the average reading time for an adult person is 238 words per minute when reading silently. Although this number could vary depending on the reader's age, education, and text they are reading, as with many other factors, It's generally used to calculate the estimation of reading time.

What is the average time for reading out loud?

The same study found that the average reading speed for an adult person drops to 183 words per minute when reading out loud. Again, this number could vary depending on the reader's abilities and the text that they are reading, but it's scientifically backed average

What is a typical range for English readers?

Most English-reading adults fall in the range of 175-300 words per minute when reading non-fiction. When reading fiction this range varies from 200 to 320 words per minute.

How to calculate the average time for reading?

To calculate average reading time manually all you have to do is count all words inside your document and divide it by average reading time which, as mentioned above is 183 words per minute when reading out loud and 238 words per minute when reading silently.

1000 words in an article / 238 words per minute = 4.2 minutes to read the text silently
If you want to get seconds in the correct form you can divide them like the following:
0,2 minute * 60 = 12 seconds
So average time to read 1000 words silently is 4 minutes and 12 seconds.

To delve deeper into this topic, we invite you to peruse our comprehensive article on the subject of reading estimation.