Reverse sentence generator

How to use reverse sentence generator?

To use this simple tool all you need to do is to copy and paste your text (or type it in directly) to the left side textarea. Generated reversed text will appear on the right side textarea.

There are two options to pick from, one is to reverse only words order, second is to reverse the whole sentence.

If you want to only reverse order, which means flipping only the position of words and keeping their letters untouched, choose "Reverse only wording" on the left top side of the generator box.

Generated output for reverse ordering will look like this:


this sentence has reversed wording only
only wording reversed has sentence this

This style of reversing wording can be also called the "yoda style".

If you want to reverse whole sentence and words letters choose "Reverse wording and text", this option will reverse whole sentence for you and this is the default option.

Generated output for reverse ordering will look like this:


this sentence is whole reversed and very hard to read
daer ot drah yrev dna desrever elohw si ecnetnes siht

This style of reversing whole sentence has no special name, unless we know, but who cares.

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More about reversing sentences

Reverse sentence generator uses simple algorithm to reverse any word or sentence you paste in. Generated text stays in your browser and it is not sent to our servers because it is generated right inside client side browser scripting language called javascript. So you can have privacy and fun while using this tool to spin someone head while they try to read your reversed sentences.

Can i use this tool to flip text back to normal?

Yes, this tool works both ways, remember just to always add text which you want to flip to the left side textarea. The right side is for read only.

Is reversed text good technique to encrypt message?

No, reversed text is just fliped text, anybody can read this text with just little will. if you want to send more secure messages you can use some other techniques.

What are techniques to encrypt message?

There are plenty of techniques which you can use, the most acient one and easy to understand is ROT13. It is also called ceasar cipher, because it was used by romans in roman empire times. This technique uses rotating of characters by 13 position to the right in alphabet. The number which you are rotating can be changed for exmple in ROT23 the letter A will be X, B will became Y.

ROT13 will appear as non readable text for reader who don't know how many letters are used for rotation. So this text is insead of reversing sentence encrypted.

ROT13 is many times used in puzzles as method to encrypt solution to the puzzle solver. It can be encrypted but it's not hard to break in digital era.

If you need really secure form of sending text to someone, you can use RSA Encryption. This technique is used all the time behind the scenes in every computer. Idea is that you have your public and private key. Private key stays as name suggest private and you only send public key to the reciever of message. You encrypt the message with your private key, and reciever can use public key to decrypt message back. Unless someone have your public key they won't be able to decrypt your message.


Reverse sentence generator can be used to reverse sentence and even to reverse it back to original state. You have options to reverse only wording as well as to reverse whole sentence. If you like this tool don't forget to hype it out on social media.