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Speaking speed may vary depending on your style of speech. Test your speech rate first here.

Test your speech rate

To test your speech rate, read the sample text below out loud at your desired pace.

Click on the 'Start Speech Test' button, then read the provided text out loud. Once you finish reading, click on the 'Stop Speech Test' button.

Your speech rate (words per minute) will then appear. Use this value in the tool below to better estimate your reading time.

To improve the accuracy of this speech test, you can replace the text in the text area with your own sample. We do the Math for you.


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How to use the speech time calculator?

This tool can help you estimate the speech time for your provided text. It can also test your speech rate by using a sample text. Let's start with the speech rate test.

Guide to the Speech Rate Test Tool

How to use the Speech Rate Test?

As mentioned earlier, the speech rate test can estimate how many words per minute you can speak out loud. We provide a sample text consisting of 100 words. All you have to do is click the 'Start Speech Test' button, read the text at your desired pace, and then click on the 'Stop Speech Test' button. Our tool will estimate your speech rate for you. You can learn more about this estimation in the article below.

Can I use my own text for the Speech rate test?

Certainly, you can paste any text into the sample text area. The text can be shorter or longer and can be in a different language as well. Our tool will try to count the number of words which will be used for the calculation.

Where will my speech rate appear?

After clicking on the Stop Speech Test button, the estimated speech rate will appear above the button. The bold text will say something like: 'Your speech rate: 110 words per minute'. Our tool will also ask you if you want to import the estimated value into the speech time calculator tool.

Speech time calculator guide:

How can I use this tool?

To estimate the speech time of your text, paste the text into the first text area. Our tool will then count the number of words and do the math for the calculation. Your estimated speech time will appear in the stats box.

Can I adjust the speaking pace?

Certainly, you can adjust the speaking pace by clicking on one of the three buttons in the 'Speaking Speed' box. You can choose from 'Slow Speaking', 'Normal Speaking', and 'Fast Speaking' as predefined values. You are also free to drag the slider between 100 to 250 words per minute to set a custom pace.

Is this tool accurate?

We strive to be as accurate as possible. If you want to improve the accuracy of the speech time calculator, you can run the speech rate test first. This way, you can test your own speaking pace first.

Are the estimations for foreign languages correct?

The default values are for English. However, by running the speech rate test first, you can get your own estimation for any foreign language.

Did this tool help you?

We did this tool available to anyone for free. If we helped you don't forget to spread it to the world.

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More about speech time

This free tool was created to help you estimate your speaking time. There are many reasons why you might need to know how long it takes to read your text out loud. The most typical situations include presentations and speeches, such as public speaking or conference speeches.

During presentations and speeches, there is often a lot to say but limited time. That's why our tool can be handy.

With our tool, you can adjust the amount of text you have prepared to fit your allotted time.

How can I improve my speeches?

If you want to improve your public speaking and conference skills, preparation and practice are key. Try to research your topic thoroughly and simplify all key information, memorizing it as well. This way, you will feel more confident and reduce the chance of stumbling over your words.

It's also important to know who your audience will be. Don't go too deep if your audience doesn't consist of experts.

To make your presentation more appealing, you can also add visuals, such as slides and images, to help deliver your message.

Always speak clearly and confidently. Choosing the right tone, volume, and pace is also crucial, as otherwise, you risk losing your audience's attention.

Try to engage with your audience. Ask them questions or choose interactive activities that keep them engaged with your speech.

Seek feedback by running a 'dry presentation' for your friends or family before the event. Ask for feedback to help you improve.

What is the ideal speech rate?

The ideal speech rate can vary depending on the situation, language, and topic of the speech. Generally, the average speech rate is somewhere between 120 to 150 words per minute. The key here is not to speak as fast as possible but to focus on the content itself. Try to play with your tone, voice, and volume. For certain speeches, a slower rate may be more effective.

Can this tool be used as a speech timer app?

Yes, this tool can be used as a speech timer app. You can paste your text into the 'Test Your Speech Rate' section, start the counter, and read the entire text. After reading, you can click 'Stop,' and the tool will show you how long it took.

Is my data safe?

The data you paste into our tool is not sent to the server. All processing is done in your browser. Therefore, we don't know or store what you paste into this tool. You can even load this page and disable your internet connection afterward, and it will still work.