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Online Word Counter Tool

This tool counts lines, words, letters and their frequency. Easily start by typing or pasting text. Results are dynamically recounted every time you make a change.

Why word counting matters?

There are a ton of cases when you need to write text that sit between minimum or maximum required amount. When you are writing essay in school or some article in work you need to know the numbers. Not every text processor can say how many words, lines and sentences did you write, and in the most popular one Microsoft Word, counting letter and word frequency can be a really hard task.

What to be aware of when using this tool

Be really careful when you copy paste text from microsoft word to this site because this evil app adds some hidden inputs to your text, and that can ruin accuracy of counting, we are working on solution.

Sample text generator If you need sample of specific lenght, you may try our Lorem Ipsum generator. Lorem Ipsum is ussually used as a dummy text, as it does not make any sense, but it look like real text.