Duplicate remover

How deduplicaton works?

This tool allows you to quickly remove duplicates from a pasted list. Start by inserting your list into the first text area. Once you paste your text, the results will immediately show in the second text area. You can click on 'Copy' to quickly add the results to your clipboard.

If you need to tweak the results, there are a few options to choose from.

If your list contains mixed uppercase and lowercase characters that you want to remove, click on the 'Ignore capital letters' checkbox. This way, our tool will convert everything to lowercase, and duplicates will be found even for mixed case characters.

Our tool will also take care of poorly formatted lists. If your list contains additional characters (such as spaces) at the start of each line, our tool will handle this for you by default. However, if you want to preserve the blanks at the start of each line, you can check the 'Keep blanks at line starts' checkbox.

If you also need to sort the results, our tool will handle this for you if you click on the 'Sort results' checkbox.

The final option you can tweak is whether you want to remove empty lines from the list. If your list contains unnecessary newlines, our tool will handle this by default. If you want to disable this behavior, uncheck the 'Remove empty lines' checkbox.

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More about empty lines removing

This tool allows you to quickly remove duplicates from a pasted list, whether it's from an Excel sheet, a text document, the result of an SQL query, or something else. This tool will quickly remove duplicates for you.

Let's stick with the most common example. Say you have an Excel sheet that contains names of people that someone sent to you. This list contains many duplicates because it's a poorly maintained document. You need to contact every person on that list, but you don't want to accidentally contact someone twice.

  • Edward
  • Cynthia
  • Edward
  • Milton
  • Cynthia

All you have to do is simply copy the whole column from your spreadsheet to our tool. Our tool will find duplicate lines for you.

  • Edward
  • Cynthia
  • Milton

Then, all you need to do is create a new spreadsheet and drop your results there, and you're done.

There's no need for manual deduplication, which is boring and time-consuming.

Is it secure to paste data into this tool?

Yes, it's completely secure to paste data into this tool. This tool only uses client-side JavaScript to process your data. We don't store any information about your data on our server.

If you want to test it out, you can disable your internet connection after loading this page and only then paste your data here. The data will be processed inside your browser (computer) without needing to touch the internet. But even when you have the internet enabled, our site does not store any of the information that you enter into the text inputs.

My computer lags when I paste a long list.

This can happen for the reasons described in the previous question. We don't process or store any of your information on the server side. All processing is done by your computer. If you have a lot of things opened or you have an older computer, this may happen.

If you are unable to work with a very large dataset, try closing all other tabs and apps that can slow down your computer. If your computer still lags, try a different browser or device.

Also, there is a possibility to split your list into smaller chunks and then merge and deduplicate the list again.

Is this tool 100% accurate?

This tool tries to be as accurate as possible. It all depends on the list you paste. If your list contains duplicates where one line has special characters, accents, or other characters and the other doesn't, this tool might not work as expected.

For example, many users tend to use ames with accents such as 'Ján', 'Noël', and 'Adrián'. When a list contains one name with an accent and one without, they will not be deduplicated as expected.

If your list contains accents, try removing them with our diacritic remover tool.

You can also use our free tools, such as spaces remover or case converter, to better control the deduplication process. But it's not required.

So, unless you are working with a list that contains special characters such as accents, you can be pretty sure that deduplication will work as expected.

How does this tool work behind the scenes?

The Duplicate Remover tool uses JavaScript. Each time you type something, we dynamically recreate the result for you. But to describe the process, we take the input and split it into an array for each line.

Then we apply the styling provided from the checkboxes (such as converting to lowercase or removing blanks at the start). After this step, we remove any duplicates and order the results if the 'Sort results' checkbox is checked.