Spaces remover

How to use spaces remover?

Simply insert your text into the left textarea. This text will be then formatted immediately on the right side textarea.

You are free to choose between removing only duplicate spaces inside text or removing all spaces. Simply click on checkboxes located at the top of textareas

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More about removing spaces

Where are extra spaces coming from?

Usually, apps like web browsers include extra spaces when copying text from more parts of the website.

Is it safe to paste text here?

This site is not storing or processing your pasted text on the server. Text is processed inside your browser. So you can paste text here without any worry.

How does this tool work?

This tool is using javascript (browser programming language) build in regex function to remove spaces.
For removing duplicate spaces:

string.replace(/ +(?= )/g,'')
For removing every space:
string.replace(/s+/g, '')

This is the common way how to get rid of extra space.

How to remove duplicate lines?

To remove empty lines from the text, go to empty line remover tool. This tool is specialized for that job.