Empty lines remover

Blank lines remover

How to remove blank lines?

This online free tool can help you with removing empty lines from pasted text. If you have badly formatted text and you need to fix it fast, your are on the right place.

Simply copy & paste your desired text and you are done. Like literally. On right side you will see formatted text, click on copy button and that's it. Now you have your formatted text in your clipboard ready to be pasted where you need to.

Take a look at the sample conversion.


Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet cubilia.

turpis nec pretium maximus proin in lectu.

ullamcorper placerat.

Without empty lines:

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet cubilia.
turpis nec pretium maximus proin in lectu.
ullamcorper placerat.

As you can see, this tool can remove empty lines from any text, even if the line contains some special characters such as spaces.

Where are empty lines coming from?

When you are for example browsing web, and you find some interesting text which you want to copy you need to select it. You maybe not recognize it but under the hood, when you are doing your selection, your browser will try to select not only text but other elements such as icons, images and so on. This can sometimes lead to copying unnecessary line breaks and spaces. There are ton of more examples how you can run into this issue, world and computers are complicated, but for your luck we are here with our empty lines remover to help you out.

How this tool works?

When you type in or paste text, this tool will carefouly watch for changes, every time you make some change to the left side textarea the tool will trigger and event which takes look on your pasted text. This text is than run through processor which will remove any empty lines, even ones which contains spaces or some special characters.

Do you need a line counter?

Sure, your lines are removed, but is that enough? Do you need to know how many lines are there? Then try our word counter tool which can help you with counting lines, word and letters.

Did this tool help you?

We did this tool available to anyone for free. If we helped you don't forget to spread it to the world.

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