Fancy text generator

How to use fancy text generator

Fancy text generator can help you with creating amazing-looking text which you can add to your social network bio. Simply start by inserting your text to the left side text area.

Every time you type something to the left side text area our tool will create other stylish alternatives. These alternatives are not actual fonts. If you want to know more about how this tool works read the article below.

When you insert your text to the left side text area, all possible variants will appear on the right side.

You are free to copy-paste your desired font, simply by clicking on copy button next to it.

And that's it now you have your amazing-looking text inside your clipboard and you can copy-paste it to your profile.

If you are looking for some inspiration for cool instagram bio, check out this article

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More about fancy text

Interested in how this fancy text generator works behind the scenes? We will try to answer all your questions.

Is output different font?

No, what you are copying out of this tool is different symbol not a font.
This tool is converting your standard Latin symbols into their different variants. For example, think about the letter "a". Both small case "a" and upper case "A" represent the same letter in the alphabet but they are different symbols. But also there is superscript "ᵃ" and subscript "ₐ" variant of the letter "a". There are tons of more different symbols for the letter "a", from handwritten "𝒶", to squared "🄰".

Not just the letter "a" but all possible characters are part of The Unicode Standard. Unicode aims to collect all symbols, scripts, and even emojis into one collection.

So this tool takes your standard Latin symbols and generates other script variants for them without the need for searching them manually. So you can generate stylish-looking text without hassle.

What is Unicode?

We created our cool font generator for you so you don't need to worry. But if you are interested Unicode is the encoding standard. In short, Unicode contains more than 100k different symbols and more than 150 different scripts.

If you want to learn more about Unicode check out this wiki page.

Are emojis included in Unicode as well?

Yes, emojis are part of Unicode.

Is there a list of all Unicode characters?

Yes, if you want to search for some characters take a look at this page.

Will be my text visible to everyone?

Most modern applications, such as social networks are using Unicode under the hood, so yes it should be working fine nearly everywhere.

What is the difference between Unicode symbol and font?

Fonts are used to display Unicode text, while the Unicode defines the characters that can be displayed.